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Transparency leads to
less IUU fishing | more trust | less slavery | more intensive bonding with your customers | less rainforest destruction | more profit

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    Why is transparency vital to your brands survival?


    of consumers state, that trust in a brand is a decisive purchasing factor for them.

    Edelmann 2019


    of consumers state, that the transparent disclosure of the supply chain has increased the trustworthiness.

    fairfood survey 2022


    of fairfood Freiburg macadamia packages have been scanned & traced.

    fairfood survey 2022

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      Leaf Illustration
      Leaf Illustration

      We empower sustainable brands to gain the attention, trust & love of consumers that they deserve!

      Personalized product experience

      Consumers decide what good food means to them.

      Mockup Ourz App
      Mockup Ourz App

      Point of Sale Companion

      Our Image Recognition AI eliminates the need for tedious barcode scans. the user receives a score directly based on their preferences.


      We connect you to your consumers so that you can shape the food economy we need together!

      Ourz App
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      Go pro!

      Your direct connection to the consumers. With real-time data.

      • Overview over KPIs
      • Map of interactions
      • Data export
      • And much more
      Gordon Prox

      Gordon Prox

      Founder El Origen

      We want to communicate openly, honestly and trustworthily to our consumers what makes us special!
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