Supply Chain Intelligence
Decentralized. Transparent. Sustainable.

Consumer demand for transparency is shaping the food markets. Seed visibility to your products and harvest trust and loyalty from your customers.

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Case Studies Dried Uganda Arabica Coffee

In May 2018, we have visited Uganda and met Uganda Coffee Development Authority.

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Case Studies A Tale of Wine

Imagine you order a bottle of organic wine in a restaurant. You taste it and it’s outstanding! It’s almost as if you can feel the Mediterranean sun ripening the juicy grapes in the green and fruitful landscape of the romantic vineyards in Southern France. You get curious, take a closer look and discover a QR-Code on the bottle

We Turn Transparency into Sustainable Value

OURZ offers an open platform for forward-thinking businesses in sustainability, fairness and quality. Our members perceive transparency not as a thread, but as a competitive advantage. By providing reliable product information we empower conscious consumption. Combined with a unique cryptocurrency - the OUR token - that incentivizes transparency and fair cooperation, we can make a real difference in

The platform is sector agnostic - discover OURZ’ value proposition for your business

Stories from the Future

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Press Release Blockchain For Food — Why We Need It And How It Works

You are what you eat

the longer one thinks about that common phrase the more reasonable it gets. 

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Press Release Traceability and Transparency are Key to Sustainability

We all know that the once superior capitalistic organization of production and consumption has reached its peak in many areas simultaneously.

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Press Release The need of a global Supply Chain protocol and how DLT can enable a zero waste economy

While this is a first article of a series, I will give you a brief look behind the thought process of OURZ, experience we made with the industry, where we stand now and what kind of challenges we adress in future.

Supply Chain Challenges and how OURZ is solving them


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