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Many companies are overwhelmed with the new EU laws on supply chains.

Arrow Icon Illustration We help you to comply with the requirements of the EUDR. Are you affected?

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    Antoni Hauptmann

    Antoni Hauptmann


    We understand the challenges that come with seamless documentation of your batches
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    Our solution

    We are pioneers in the field of batch traceability. Our platform helps you avoid high EU sanctions.

    Automatic data import

    Fast and easy import of your brands, products and ingredients.

    Discrete integration of suppliers

    Complete risk assessment of all suppliers in the network while maintaining company secrets.

    Risk profile at a glance

    Deep insights in the entire supply chain and efficient risk management

    Plattform Insights

    Consumer App

    More attention and trust

    Automatically leverage your supply chain transparency for trust building communication to consumers and gain valuable insights.

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    By the end of 2024 you will be ready

    Step 1

    Ramp Up


    1-3 months until the end of 2023

    Supply Chain Mapping

    Our accelerated onboarding process gives you enough time to structure and prepare your supply chains, partners and products. This gives you more time and resources for your core business.

    Step 2



    Starting January 2024 up until 12 months

    Complete batch traceability

    You and your partners record only the relevant production data, completely anonymized, and thus form the basis for the conformity report. This gives you doubly assurance that your are reporting in compliance with legal requirements while at the same time protecting your own trade secrets.

    Step 3



    Starting January 2025

    Compliance with operating regulations

    At all times you create digital proof of the compliance of your company and the current status of activities regarding the mitigation of risks. You gain back time and calmness wihtin your organization because all inquiries about your compliance status are cetrally retrievable.

    We are by your side
    If you wish, we can accompany you full service through the entire process, so that you can be sure not to be affected by EU sanctions.

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    OURZ helps your company to focus on the essentials

    We understand the complex challenges that companies face when creating sustainable, compliant and economically efficient supply chains. Our experience has shown us that the complexity of global value chains and the dynamic legal framework, both at national and European level, can quickly lead to unforseen risks.

    To meet these requirements, we have developed the industry’s first due diligence platform, to specifically address EU regulations such as the Deforestation-Free Products Regulation (EUDR) and the Coporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD). Our SaaS solution enables efficient onboarding of companies and suppliers, provides intelligent, automated query processes, and ensures confidential bilateral due diligence, to protect trade secrets. Moreover, the platform automatically generates batch specific reports that are compliant with the rules of the european information system.

    Contact our specialized customer success team today. We help you to minimize potential penalties, as well as to reduce the complexity of supply chains and administrative processes. Our goal is to emable you to build sustainable. profitable and compliant value chains that balance economic, social and environmental aspects.

    Get started with OURZ now and shape the sustainable future of your company together with us.