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Imagine our world, in which food supply is managed by a decentral AI

Antoni Hauptmann

CEO und Founder

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Our Mission

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The food and beverage industry is responsible for a third of global emissions, it is the main driver of deforestation around the world, it is seriously threatening the condition of our oceans and it is built on the exploitation of animals and humans.

Things have to change! More and more companies take up their responsibility to transform the industry for the better, while consumers increasingly demand sustainable products.

Our mission is to empower all quality- and sustainability-oriented producers, manufacturers and consumers to change our world for the better. Through our blockchain-based platform, we have taken on the fight against the lack of transparency within the food and beverage industry. By providing direct and unalterable insights into the history of products, OURZ enables sustainable companies to differentiate themselves from their greenwashing competitors and provides sustainability conscious consumers with the information they need to shape a better world through their actions.

OURZ is dedicated to unveiling the true value and cost of products, enabling the sustainable transformation of the food and beverage industry and to making the world OURZ again.

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OURZ work contributes to 8 of 17 Sustainable Development Goals


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