Nadja Hesbacher, am 23. Jan, 2024

Customer Success im Zentrum der Chargenrückverfolgbarkeit

In der komplexen Welt der Lieferketten hat die Bedeutung von Customer Success Management (CSM) eine neue Dimension erreicht. Für OURZ ist ein effektives CSM nicht nur ein Zusatzservice, sondern ein entscheidender Faktor für den Erfolg und die Compliance in der Lieferkette. Die Rolle von Customer Success in der Chargenrückverfolgbarkeit Customer Success geht über den traditionellen Kundenservice hinaus. Bei OURZ beginnt dies mit einem tiefgreifenden Verständnis der spezifischen Bedürfnisse und Herausforderungen […]

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Jonas, am 22. May, 2022

Storytelling 4.0: New opportunities for purpose driven companies

When you start to deal with storytelling in an entrepreneurial context, you will quickly come across the following statement: “Stories are remembered up to 22 times more than facts alone” (1). Since pretty much every storytelling article starts with this statement from Stanford University, I didn’t want to break ranks and have done the same. So…, now that the first seemingly obligatory aspect for an article about storytelling has been […]

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Jonas, am 17. May, 2022

The Supply Chain Due Diligence Act

Overview of the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act  In order to further protect internationally recognized human rights and environmental standards, the German Federal Parliament passed the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act on 11 June 2021. This law is the first in Germany for business companies to establish binding standards related to human rights and the environment. It requires that companies take responsibility for human rights and environmental due diligence obligations […]

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Jonas, am 16. Apr, 2022

Bridging the attitude-behavior gap: What foodies are doing wrong and how Blockchain technology can help

You are somewhere in the center of London. Actually, you just wanted to leave your front door to go to the bakery next door. Now you no longer know where you are. You have lost all orientation. When you look down you can’t see your feet anymore, when you stretch your arms forward your hands disappear. Everything around you is hidden under a heavy and all smothering gray. You panic […]

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Jonas, am 08. Apr, 2022

fairfood Freiburg X OURZ – The first ever transparent macadamia nuts in Germany

TL;DR fairfood Freiburg & OURZ cooperate to enable Farm2Fork traceability of nuts from Rwanda in a batch-accurate and forgery-proof way via blockchain. The two impact startups want to set an example against exploitative supply chains and greenwashing. —- Nuts are a real superfood. But do we even know where the nut comes from that we just popped into our mouths from the sustainable deposit jar? Do we know who harvested […]

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Jonas, am 31. Mar, 2022

Why the Corona pandemic will be a launching pad for blockchain technology in the food industry

Corona has the world firmly in its merciless grip. As of right now [3/28/2020, 6 p.m.], there are nearly 650,000 confirmed cases worldwide, according to the John Hopkins University (1). 30,000 people have lost their lives, about ⅔ of them in Europe. The world, Europe and Germany were not prepared for such a catastrophe. But we were warned. One of the brightest minds of our species, may you think what […]

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Jonas, am 14. Jul, 2020

Sustainability and sustainable consumption – What are we actually talking about?

Three global hectares. That is roughly the space that I, Jonas Wendt, take up on earth through my consumption (1). If everyone used that much, we would need 1.9 Earths. Despite the fact that I had to go through the G8 Turbo-Abitur, I noticed immediately, that is too much. Until just 15 minutes ago, I would have told everyone that I live & consume sustainably. I eat vegan, mainly seasonal […]

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Jonas, am 18. Jun, 2020

The European Green New Deal & OURZ: Blockchain for the Farm2Fork-Strategy

So, Europe has a new green deal. The most exciting message is that the EU sees climate change as the greatest challenge of our time and now actually wants to do something about it. 50 years after mankind officially stated at the first UN Climate Change Conference in Stockholm that it can change its environment and must protect it, the EU is now stating that, overall, this can possibly be […]

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