fairfood Freiburg X OURZ – The first ever transparent macadamia nuts in Germany

Jonas Jonas

08. Apr, 2022 2 min. readtime


fairfood Freiburg & OURZ cooperate to enable Farm2Fork traceability of nuts from Rwanda in a batch-accurate and forgery-proof way via blockchain. The two impact startups want to set an example against exploitative supply chains and greenwashing.


Nuts are a real superfood. But do we even know where the nut comes from that we just popped into our mouths from the sustainable deposit jar? Do we know who harvested the nuts or was involved in the roasting process?

Sad to say, most of the time we don’t. And the sad thing is that too many companies don’t know about their “sustainable” ingredients themselves. 

Along our supply chains, people, animals and the environment are being exploited. More than ⅔ of German consumers want to buy sustainably, but don’t even get the information from where and who their products come from. Who benefits from this? Those companies that undercut minimum standards for the sake of their profits while lying to their customers via greenwashing marketing

But one company that knows exactly who is involved in the supply chain of their product is fairfood Freiburg. The company is committed to sustainability from the tree to the deposit jar. The nuts and dried fruits are sourced directly from the producers, who crack, shell and dry the products in the country where they are grown. 

And it is precisely this supply chain and the producers involved that are now being shown transparently and with batch accuracy using blockchain technology. This is where the startup OURZ, based in Hamburg and Flensburg, comes into play. OURZ has developed an innovative traceability platform that enables sustainable companies to make the path of a product tangible and at the same time provides information about how much work is behind a fairly traded product until it reaches the consumer.

fairfood Freiburg chose OURZ because the blockchain technology used offers a very important advantage: transparent and decentralized storage of data that is tamper-proof. This results in a complete and transparent mapping of the entire supply chain. The first batch of the product, fair macadamia nuts from Rwanda, has just left fairfood Freiburg’s warehouse. Each deposit jar carries a QR code that, when scanned, allows the production steps of the macadamia to be experienced. Unfortunately, this first batch is exclusively reserved for supporters of the crowdfunding – which has, of course, been successfully completed – but the company from the south still has a lot of plans: 

“We see great potential in this technology. End consumers are increasingly demanding more transparency from companies and want to know what route their products have taken.”

In the future, the northern German startup OURZ will make even more products from fairfood Freiburg transparent and use its blockchain platform to trace every step of the product, from its origin to the deposit jar (or the zero waste store), down to the last batch. Counterfeit-proof, trustworthy, and stored in a decentralized manner – this is the future of the food industry that we want to see.

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