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Jonas Jonas

07. Aug, 2022 2 min. readtime

“A map of the world that does not include Utopia is not worth even glancing at, for it leaves out the one country at which Humanity is always landing.

Oscar Wilde

The wind of change – Are you ready for a new course?

The food industry is undergoing radical change, more transparency, more sustainability, more health – more aspiration. The 2020s will be a decade that will – that must – radically change our society and economy.

Climate change is no longer a future scenario, but a bitter reality. The younger generations in particular are standing up and demanding a stop of business as usual.

But has the economy understood this? In the food industry, it seems as if there is an awakening. Sustainable entrepreneurs, but also increasingly medium-sized established ones, have set out to revolutionize the industry, which has come under particular criticism in the wake of the sustainability debate.

The end of the monopolists, who see nature and people only as a resource to be siphoned off for profit, has long since begun.

The transformation of the food industry

One hurdle on the path of change is certainly how to generate trust towards the sustainability movement. Even the most anti-human companies engage in green marketing and the next day are in the media because of slave labor on their cocoa plantations.

Do you trust the information that companies themselves disclose? Mostly not? But trust is the engine of the sustainability movement. If people can’t trust whether a product is really of higher quality and more sustainable for a higher price, they won’t buy it.

Many companies therefore use certificates as a means of conveying trust. A logo on the packaging is supposed to relieve consumers of the work of understanding complex information that is difficult to assess. In theory this is a good idea, but: Every company can certify itself and certificates are only snapshots, because controls (if at all) take place only periodically. So when you see a certificate, you are looking into the past.

A new age #BeyondLabels

Just in time for the new decade of the 2020s, the technologies of the fourth industrial revolution are starting to grow out of their infancy.

AI, Big Data, Cyber Physical Systems, Clouds, the Internet of Things and other 4.0 technologies are currently triggering transformative processes on an unprecedented scale. OURZ is leveraging these technologies to turn the new industrial revolution into a trust & sustainability revolution as well. Our basic building block: the blockchain technology.

Once data is stored on it, it cannot be changed or even deleted. It records exactly who enters the data and is therefore responsible for it. New data can not contradict existing data. Data stored on it is stored in different locations and can be viewed from anywhere, both in real time and retrospectively. These characteristics make it possible to break completely new ground in the area of trust management.

Our(z) Purpose

At OURZ, we have made it our mission to pave these new roads so that they become expressways for the sustainability movement in the food industry.

Through our platform, we can provide direct and unalterable insights into the history of products. In doing so, we create a direct digital connection between everyone involved in the creation of a product. Our vision is an economy where people have all the information they need to shape a better world through their actions.

With our approach, we empower all quality- and sustainability- oriented producers, manufacturers and consumers to change our world for the better – and to make our world OURZ again. 

OURZ – made with ❤ in Zug, Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Wroclaw, Vancouver & Hong-Kong.